The prototype Aircross will mark the style of the next Citroën

Citroën announced the way will take the design of their products in the future. They promise that the new generation of the C4 and C5 will be revolutionary, with some stylistic traits inherited from the prototype Aircross.

Citroen-Aircross-3Para know where the design of the future products of the Vehicle should be look at the prototype Cactus M Concept presented at recent form. After having tried without success to add something of German style in its products, the French brand has decided that designs something eccentric will be part of their future models.

This is something that we could already experiment with the C4 Cactus launched in recent form, but that will take even more momentum in the coming models, which thanks to the adoption of some of the stylistic elements seen in the Cactus M Concept, will play an important role in the reinvention of Citroën.


In that sense Mathieu Bellamy, Director of Strategy of the mark drew Automotive News from 2016 there will be a new release every year, which promises to be very different to the products of the competition and definitely very unique.

Bellamy was even beyond to ensure that the next generation of the C4 and C5 will have an aesthetic exterior with any of the traits present in the prototypes Cactus M and Aircross, noting that this last represents the future of the brand when we talk about design.

After all, this announcement does not but mark a return to the origins, of a trademark which has been justly characterized by his approach out of the ordinary in terms of design. Will have to observe closely if this new strategy becomes successful.