The prototype Mercedes-Benz pick-up will be unveiled on the 25th of October

Teaser Mercedes pick-upMercedes-Benz has just reported using a teaser image your vehicle type pick-up will be unveiled next Tuesday, October 25, even if in prototype form. is Not the first time that they were speaking about this model for the field and to work in complex situations. We already know from a long time ago that this pick-up will be produced in Spain and Argentina.

To obtain a higher profit and do not need a large investment in the development of this model, Mercedes has joined the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Therefore, the internal part not visible on the Mercedes pick-up will share a good part of their elements with the models of Nissan Navara and Renault Alaska.

in Addition to using the same platform it is very likely that they also share engines, although there is still nothing confirmed on this section of the mechanical. If so, it is more than feasible that would be available with the 2.3 dCi used in the Nissan Navara (with powers of 160 and 190 hp in the japanese model), which surely would be in addition to any other engine. On the other hand, is more likely to use a body type double cab and offered both for commercial use as particular with different finishes, differentiated and with two different lengths.

The teaser image doesn’t let us to appreciate almost anything, although we can draw some detail of this silhouette, as that the front will be rounded to improve both design and aerodynamics. On an aesthetic level, we expect a large differentiation with respect to the models of the partners, Nissan and Renault. As is usual in the German mark, will look for an image more stylish both on the inside as on the outside and a few materials more care with higher quality. Also feeling that the equipment available at the pick-up German is higher than that in the fellow Nissan and Renault.

we will Wait until the next day 25, the 4 and a half in the afternoon uk time (5 and a half hour Spanish) to get this prototype of the Mercedes-Benz pick-up.