The prototype of the Audi Q1 and walks with short body


The Audi Q1 based on the MQB modular platform shall be first SUV segment B of the German mark. This week was photographed as she washed out dailies . [1.99901 million]


Audi-Q1 L he intentions Audi to produce in series an SUV in the B met to segment the end of 2013, when confirmaren it officially, to the same time to disseminate a first draft.

The Audi Q1 and final wheel body.

This is the Audi Q1, a product will be built based on the MQB platform to hit the market to compete against a variety of products of the same category, although of course in the segment premium. There must deal with products such as MINI Countryman and against some new players that are coming.

The Audi Q1 was photographed while doing dailies, without the body of the Volkswagen Tiguan, but his final body, which despite being heavily camouflaged leaves Look at some ways reminiscent of the sketch released a year and a half ago. Of course since it is a product of Audi, is not expected to provide too bold design, since it appears that it is a kind of more compact Q3 . [1.99901 million]

With a body with a length about 4 meters, Audi Q1 will fall below the Q3, Q5 and Q7 . Photographs released by Fortitude allow appreciate from all angles.

Photos: Fortitude





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