The prototype Suzuki Air Triser debut at the Tokyo Motor Show


The Suzuki Air Triser be another novelty that Suzuki are prepared to take the Tokyo Motor Show. Has a hybrid propulsion system based on a 4-cylinder engine and 1.4 liters.


Suzuki-Air-Triser-2 S Uzuki prepares an array of prototypes to show the Tokyo Motor Show to be held later this month. Among his conceptual works are showing a little minivan which called Air Triser and that despite their appeal, can not hide his inspiration in Q1 Volkswagen.

The Suzuki Air Triser has a body of 4.2 meters in length and good habitability thanks to its double sliding door open and modular structure inside can play with the seating arrangement and provide enough space for six occupants .

While the vehicle is stationary, the seats can be configured in a variety of ways, may be facing one another , until transformed into a sort of letter shaped sofa U, ideal to use the screen that unfolds from one of the pillars, which can connect any device that can play multimedia content.

uses a dual-jet with 4-cylinder block 1.4 liter , assisted by a hybrid system associated with a transmission drive “Allgrip” and traction on the four wheels.

At the moment it is only a conceptual work. For more details we have to wait for his debut in the Japanese Salon.



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