The PSA Group, along with other companies, presented the EU-LIVE Concept

mobility in the large cities of the future is something that is concerning, and very much in the present. The main groups that make up the automotive sector are working to develop new ideas with which to continue winning customers and keep their products on the streets. The European Union is one of the key agencies, at the international level, focused on the development of new means of transport with which to solve the problem of congestion that exists in these cities.

Within the European Union, the European Commission launched a program to investigate and innovate in matters of mobility for the future. Horizon 2020 put on the table a package of economic important to the companies that so wish to join, by way of joint venture, to design a vehicle for mobility in large cities that met a basic premise: consume and pollute as little as possible.

PSA Group has been one of the companies that has spearheaded the project along with twelve other institutions, of european or global area, among which are the manufacturer of tires Continental and the division for the manufacture of batteries Samsung. The resultant vehicle was called EU-LIVE or what is the same Efficient Urban LIght Vehicle, and belongs to the segment in which fits the Renault Twizy.

EU-LIVE has a length of 2.40 meters and a width of 85 centimeters (the height has not yet been reported). Its chassis has three wheels that allow it to behave on the road as if a bike is involved, because you can tilt your body to improve cornering. In its interior we find a cabin traditional account with two seats arranged one in front of the other, a steering wheel with integrated airbag, and seat belts incorporated. Access to its interior is realized by means of a few doors that rotate up and can be opened in very tight spaces.

The powerplant is entrusted to a mechanical gasoline hybrid plug-in, which allow reaching a maximum speed exceeding 50 miles per hour. This block has a single cylinder, 42 horsepower (taken from a Scooter Peugeot) and two electric motors integrated in the rear wheels. With both engines in operation, the speed of the EU-LIVE is 70 kilometres per hour; a figure that increases up to 130 kilometers per hour when we left the road and enters in operation the propellant gas.

The energy capacity of its battery have not been revealed, but yes that can be recharged without the need of using cables. In any case, the autonomy of this concept reaches 300 kilometers, so that its range of movement is remarkable for its size. Will have to see if finally the PSA Group and its partners take to the practice or if it remains a mere exercise of future mobility.

Source – Auto News

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