The PSA Group prepares a push for hybrid and electric 2019


electric Cars of the PSA Group

PSA Group has made known his future intentions in the field of cars electric and plug-in hybrids. These two aspects, technology will have great importance in the brands of the French group from the year 2019. At the launch of this type of product, its chinese partner Dongfeng has a great weight, as that is who has developed the platform CMP “Common Modular Platform” that will host this type of technologies.

In the field of vehicles 100% electric, the PSA Group promises nothing less than four electric models between the years 2019 and 2021. These will be used as the support for the platform e-CMP and may have up to 450 km of autonomy, being able to recharge at rate of 12 miles per minute. The platform CMP developed with Dongfeng is designed for city cars, sedans and compact SUVS, so at least these could be three of the four electric PSA promises.


In the first sketches of its new electric cars that has been submitted to PSA, shows a electric powertrain 115-horsepower with the possibility of circular up to 150 km/h. The lithium-ion batteries of 50kWhestarían located under the front and rear seats to optimize the space in the passenger compartment.

models plug-in hybrids PSA, in contrast, will use the modular platform EMP2, which saw the light with the Peugeot 308 and have since used the new models of Citroen and Peugeot. From 2019 the PSA Group market versions hybrid plug-in gasoline engine. In principle, this technology will be aimed at the SUV of the brand, looking for a electrical autonomy of about 60 kilometers.

PSA hibridos enchufables

plug-in Hybrids, gasoline-PSA Group

The hybrid plug-in will seven models between 2019 and 2021 and will improve the efficiency by up to 40%. The batteries of 13 kWh will be located under the rear seat, in such a way that do not impact negatively on the habitability. These batteries can be recharged in four hours on a take home conventional, or in two hours with a quick charge system.

The mechanical assembly of the plug-in hybrids would be formed by petrol engines of between 150 and 200 horses, probably supercharged. In addition, they would be supported by two electric motors of 109 horses each, both on the front axle as in the rear. The rear engine will allow that these models have an awd system similar to that of the current Hybrid4 of PSA. These hybrids will use a new gearbox eight-speed automatic.


Source – PSA Group