The PSA Group purchase to Hindustan Motor its brand Ambassador what will plot?

Hindustan Ambassador Grupo PSA

automobile market indian is one of the most important that exists in the world. Currently, his sales volume does not correspond to that should be for the population that the country has, but it is expected that their growth in the next few years is exponential. For this future growth, India has become one of the countries that the brands want to control as it would secure a good share of the pie in terms of sales is concerned.

The PSA Group carried out the country’s hindu more than 20 years; but within the growth plan for the firm created by Carlos Tavares (Push to Pass) was to make the leap to new markets, and that is what they want to do. To do this already have been associated with the local group CK Birla Group and of this union will emerge the creation of a new company situated in Tamil Nadu. On this floor is where you will perform the manufactured engines and vehicles that will be destined to this market.

Hindustan Ambassador Grupo PSA

Up to here everything seems normal, however we have learned that PSA has been making other moves in the country. If you are really fond of cars, and on top I like the cars rare, you will know that which we have in both pictures is a Ambassador. This iconic model is based on the Morris Oxford III and was brought to the country in the year 1957. Since then and until the cessation of its manufacture in the year 2014 has remained unchanged with the exception of several name changes and the inclusion of new mechanics.

Such was his popularity, that at the Ambassador have been moved from personalities in the country to politicians and finally went on to become ideal car for taxi drivers. However, Hindustan Motors (array) beset by debts saw a need to cease its manufacturing at the plant in Uttarpara (West Bengal), and from that moment the vehicle began to disappear from the streets of India.

nevertheless, it seems that the model could have a second chance and it would come from the hand of the PSA Group. It turns out that the French group has been made the brand Ambassador by an amount of 80 million rupees, or what is the same 1.124.746 euros. The question that remains for us is to know what will you do PSA with this brand? Knowing the history of the model could relanzarlo in the country with improved aesthetic and mechanical (as did BMW with the Mini) and this would ensure the sales of its models.

Be that as it may as we’ll find out because as the saying goes “do not ask for to know that the time will tell you, that there is nothing more beautiful than to know without asking”. I hope so too.

Source – Hindustan Motors