The PSA group registered the appellation DS E-Tense, what future sports on the way?


The DS AND-Jerk in their stand of Geneva.

PSA has registered the name E-Tense, and with it, has fueled multiple rumors that point to the possibility that the French brand can bring to production the spectacular concept of the same name.

DS E-Tense is a prototype of a hall that was presented in Geneva last year. Equipped with an electrical platform, you have 402 HP and 516 Nm of torque, with a mid-range encrypted at 310 miles.

Its stunning design was made up by a few lines very athletic and had intricate patterns very characteristic. Two-door, had no rear window to use, which increases the appearance of sports radical.


The radical interior of the E-Tense.

The chances that we can see a model of this type in the dealerships of the brand are very low. own name registration only indicates that they want to protect the name, which could be employed in any new vehicle.

would Not be the first, nor the last time, that a mark registered the appellation of a concept to be used in a subsequent model, is completely different. As an example, the Renault Laguna original was a spectacular roadster and not the sedan segment D that, years later, we saw at the dealership.

The very construction of the name, And clearly separated yes indicates that the signature may be already preparing an electric model that could carry this name, whether or not the spectacular sports that we saw in Geneva 2016.


Its spectacular and athletic behind.

it is also Not the first time that we see as the PSA Group presents eye-catching concepts of living room in this format. In the 80’s Peugeot threw the spectacular Oxia and Quasar, and Citroen a few years ago developed the GT by Citro├źn.

A super sports car, electric vehicle banner can be a declaration of intentions on the part of DS, although their arrival to the streets at the moment seems quite complicated.