The PSA Group takes stock of the first year of the plan “Push to pass”


The executive Carlos Tavares -former number 2 of Renault – is doing magic with the PSA Group, formerly known as PSA Peugeot Citroën. When you put it in charge found a manufacturer to drift that needed the financial assistance of the Government of France and its chinese partners, Dongfeng. Right now PSA is thought so strong that you may end up staying with Opel, not to grow.

go three years of growth, and the results of 2016 have been positive for three reasons: the profitability has grown 5% to 6%, the volume has increased by 5.8 per cent (3.15 million units) and have amassed 2,700 million euros in “cash”, that is to say, the money available immediately.

Not only that, it is the first time since 2011 that PSA can give a dividend to their shareholders, which has to be voted upon at the next General Meeting, scheduled for may 10. Other important appointments to learn about the health of PSA are on the 26th of April (results of the 1st quarter), July 26 (results of the 2nd quarter) and October 25 (results of the 3rd quarter).


things are going so well that you have reviewed the objectives of the plan “Push to Pass”, that is to say, the strategy for 2016 to 2021. This plan was then “Back to race”, with which Tavares put PSA in your site in order to reduce costs and increase profits. Until 2018, the target is 4.5% of profits (only cars), and from there, the 6%.

These figures are worthy of Premium brands

Is more, aim to increase the turnover 10% until 2018 (baseline scenario 2015) and another additional 15% in 2017. For this, the PSA Group is looking to expand in emerging markets and have a stable growth in the main regions. The foci of expansion are multiple: Russia, China, India, Latin america, the Maghreb, etc

The PSA Group not only earns money with their car business, also has a bank (Banque PSA Finance) which lends money to finance the purchases of their cars, the components company Faurecia and new mobility solutions Free2move (which includes emov).

A review of the achievements of PSA during 2016

As we can see in the video summary, the manufacturer makes a compilation of the milestones of the year. Brands are better organized and competing less among themselves; DS, as an independent entity, is growing. The costs have been reduced by sacrificing some models, but planning replacements and reinforcements. There will be 34 pitches up to 2021.

Only during the past year, we presented the new SUV from Peugeot (3008, 4008 and 5008), vans Expert/Jumpy and Traveller/SpaceTourer, the refreshed Citroën C3 and the prototype DS AND-Tense. In addition, we gave out 500 electric cars that are not managed to sell them to whirl as a rental car by the minute (emov), a stroke of genius.

In regard to Spain, two factories national (Vigo and Villaverde) have produced more than half a million units, 18% of the country’s production, of which 90% was exported (above the average). In Spain PSA has controlled 15% of our market, with over 200,000 units sold.


PSA also highlighted the past year by doing an exercise of self-criticism and put at the disposal of the consumer the consumption actual of several of their models in collaboration with the NGO Transport & Environment and the Bureau Veritas. The figures are very realistic considering the information provided by the customers in places like Spritmonitor. Chapeau for this reason, PSA.

have Also made significant progress in driving autonomous, to accumulate more than 75,000 kilometers in the Citroën C4 Grand Picasso crammed with electronics for driving with virtually no human intervention. In the Spanish automotive have made history with several routes for which the drivers were idling. No other manufacturer has done something well in our soil.

The next milestone may be the acquisition of Opel, that if the end is valued at approximately 2,000 million dollars, you could pay “cash”. The challenge will be how to put so many brands to work on co-op mode, that it cannot be stepped on each other, and that there had not been a massacre of jobs: PSA and Opel total 21 factories in Europe, spare production capacity.

Some figures

2016 2015
Turnover (total) 54.030 mill. € 54.676 mill €
consolidated net Result (total) 2.149 mill. € 1.202 mill. €
cash Flow available 2.698 mill €