The Race Tour of Volkswagen returns to Navarre on the 28th day of September

Volkswagen Race Tour 2014.Become, once more, the experience of driving a Volkswagen to the circuit of Los Arcos in Navarra. Will be the Wednesday, 28th of September when the Race Tour and a wide range of vehicles from Volkswagen to land on both the circuit speed and on the track offroad. The latest edition of the Driving Experience of the German mark was held in the province of Madrid, with the school 4Motion and vehicles todocamino of Volkswagen.

In the days of the Race Tour of Volkswagen, the participants receive an intense training thanks to the monitors experienced, learning how to use all the systems of the vehicle and knowing where are the limits of each car, either on the asphalt or in conditions offroad. Limits that, in the majority of cases, drivers did not know they were so far away.

VW Driving ExperienceIn the asphalt runway, the participants of the Race Tour will enjoy the flash versions of Volkswagen rolling in the path navarro. In the same way, you will learn about the security systems that incorporate the models of the German manufacturer in security and attendees to the driving, learning how can help them in a delicate situation when driving in traffic open. You will also see the latest electric models and hybrids of the brand.

on the other hand, in the track offroad will know first-hand the various wizards for driving in this kind of conditions as well as the operation of the traction 4Motion, one of the prerequisites to overcome slopes and cross-axles among other complicated situations.

vehicles protagonists that the participants will enjoy are the versions R of the Golf Variant, Passat, and Scirocco, in addition to the Polo GTI and the new Touran. Models of offroad there will be the Touareg, the Tiguan and the versions Alltrack the Golf and the Passat. In the section on hybrids will be the Golf and Passat GTE, in addition to the e-Golf and e-up! 100 % electric.