The rain ceases to be a problem in the GP of Qatar MotoGP


it is Not common to see rain in the desert. However, the
liquid element has been visited on more than one occasion the Losail International
Circuit, the scene that welcomes the night GP in Qatar. Rainfall
affected the pre-season test of 2015, and even forced to postpone the
2009 race to Monday. However, the bad relationship between the lighting
artificial of the track and the rain has finished
, whenever the organizers
MotoGP have confirmed that can be run in Qatar with rain after checking
in a recent test that do not exist as feared reflexes in the asphalt

As explained by the ‘Gazetta dello Sport’, Franco Uncini and
Loris Capirosi were in Qatar with a test
night with the soaked track
artificially. Both found that the
feared reflexes that could cause the artificial lights in the tar
wet were not such, and therefore opened the possibility to contest the GP of Qatar
in the rain. The two members of Race Direction in MotoGP came to the
conclusion there is no risk to the safety of the riders,
will cause a series of changes in the dynamics of the first weekend of the

In this aspect, it should be noted that this change is only
applicable to MotoGP
and that, therefore, Moto2 and Moto3 yet
they would have to pause their schedules in case of rain. On the contrary, the
MotoGP riders would enjoy a session of extra practice in the case of evil
time, while Michelin is obliged to carry rain tires to
, both facing the Grand Prix as in the test collective end of
the pre-season. In previous years, both Bridgestone like Michelin in last
instance not moved this type of tires to not have the possibility of
compete in wet runway.