The rally cars sell suvs


Hyundai i20 WRC

That does not surprise us nothing to find advertising some manufacturers in which we try to relate a car to its range with a model that competes in rallies. As if he saw, in the picture you can see the competition car, a “starting at” price of the most affordable model (which few people buy), and two cars that are almost in the antipodes, only to seem.

The phenomenon is not exactly new

For years manufacturers have tried to capitalize on its participation in the Formula 1 picnic” in the form of sales. In the same way they announce the new versions of sports to the sale but with the prices “from”, of the cheaper models, least equipped, and with less power. In a certain way, we talk about hooks.

there Was a time in which it was possible to buy a rally car as is, registered, with the necessary elements to be able to legally operate. Were series very limited, at prohibitive prices, which are now cotizadísimas. Try to find a Peugeot 205 T16 in good condition, a savagery and a half in euros. There are very few, and therefore, unique. Those cars were made by legal imperative to be able to compete; if you had to make 200, there were 200 and closed the production line.

today, it is virtually impossible to buy a street car that is very similar mechanically to one rally. For a start, there are a number of items that will never be in a street car, such as safety cages, fire extinguishers or boxes of change special to run and not explode.

On the contrary, there are things for road cars that have no meaning in racing cars competition, as the plastics in the interior, active safety equipment (such as assistance to driving), browser, insulation, acoustic, or Bluetooth. These differences are very important. Sometimes they don’t even have to see a new chassis under the sheet metal we could find tubes and welds, not a monohull.

But let us continue. Mechanically a competition car and one street will often appear in the white of the eyes. A model prepared to compete in WRC or WRC 2 has a motor that never shall tread down the street (to homologate it for Euro 6 would be a nightmare), gearboxes that do not have a practical meaning in real life, suspensions ready for some brutal punishments, all-wheel-drive that the customer didn’t even request, etc yes, the shell is quite, always and when do not look at what is inside.


Opel Adam R2

In some brands we have cars with a preparation remarkable to be able to participate in some type of competition, and the likeness to the models of street, they are more patent. For example, we have the Opel Adam R2 or the Skoda Fabia R5. There are preparations of the factory and others that are made by a third party, such as the Toyota Aygo of the copa Kobe Motor. These differences are very noticeable when looking at prices.

in Spite of everything, driving a car of the street and the one prepared to run can seem as much as a school play of end-of-course and a representation of professional actors on Broadway; in both cases we’re talking about theatre. For this reason it is misleading is not the word – at least confusing to try to associate both things, because the average customer does not have enough knowledge to understand that the car you are going to buy would have nothing to do in a real test even though it pilotase the very Loeb.

do you look like on the outside? Since then, but there are beginning to end the similarities. Fortunately for those who drive for road cars, its high standardization and mass production greatly reduced cost. You can buy someone a racing model homologated for street, you might find that the prices would be inasumibles. In addition, the daily use of these cars would be a torture.

And what’s the point that has racing cars matriculables? I’m afraid that your audience are not burned out of the engine, but riders with more or less financial support that want to move from one section to another without the need of a trailer or a truck. The competition is not face, is what is in the next province, so that running is something that only the rich and that they have a few sponsors appropriate.

earn money running already talked about the other day

surely all of these manufacturers will do their best to get you a return of your participation in the races-based selling models, conventional, little business there is in selling cars prepared to race. Those who have a “starting at” price are sell very little to private individuals, are more suitable for fleets or companies in which any luxury is superfluous. Versions middle -or even high – are those that have more number of sales.

Other sources of income to the circus will come from television rights, licensing for video games, t-shirts, mugs… yes, selling is not all, it is also to get revenues at the level of the image. There are competitions that do not involve the sale of any particular model, as it can be Le Mans in category LMP1, but they serve to gain something priceless: respect, history, and pedigree. Some things can only be gained in the races, the rest you can do the marketing.