The Rally of Germany will remain in the WRC until 2020


The Rally of Germany will remain in the WRC until 2020. The organizers of the test, and the promoter of the World Rally have come to an agreement to renew the stay of this appointment on the calendar, although subject to some changes in your route. The test will have its epicenter in the region of the Saarland from 2017, leaving behind the current arrangement with the town of Trier as a base for the rally. This change does not imply that the sections and the essence of the test in the Panzerplatte change, but we will look for a route more efficient. In short, the Rally of Germany will be more compact.

At present, the Rally of Germany is the test charge of opening the ‘mini-season’ of asphalt in the WRC, being the first appointment that is played on this surface after six months of competition on gravel. This condition is expected to maintain the ADAC, as well as explains the President of this institution, Hermann Tomczyk: “The Rally Germany will continue to rally from the global level to the country during the next few years. I am delighted that we have secured the future of the race until 2020. This rally is one of the most important events of the scene German automobile“.

On the new site, the own Tomczyk explains: The Rally of Germany is the only test organised simultaneously by the eighteen clubs regional ADAC, to which is added the work of other organizations, which provide the proof of a special place in the scheme of the ADAC. In the coming months, the ADAC Saarland will have the task of giving the final touch to your proposal seek to maintain the features of the Rally of Germany, but looking to a system of routes more effective.