The Rally of Mexico confirms the special in the nation’s capital


The Rally of Mexico will have a special urban City
, as confirmed by the developer of the test before continuing
rumors that were driving in the last few weeks. After receiving the seen
good government of the capital of the country, the organizer of the test has
issued a brief statement in which he explains that this special street will be
the first timed section
the third day of the WRC. The scenario chosen
for this purpose, it is the area of the Socket and the Plaza of the Constitution, scenarios
known for appearing in the movie ‘Spectre’ James Bond

The special has 1.7 kilometers and starts on one side
the Plaza of the Constitution. Riders must ride a couple of streets
attached before running into the first turn of 360 ° and the face of a jump that I
will return again to the plaza. Two turns of similar characteristics give
step to the final part of the stretch, at the foot of the Metropolitan Cathedral. Another
rotation of 360 ° and three sharp curves put an end to the special
ends in an arc of celebration that will serve his time to present each one
of the pilots

The section has received the name of ‘Street Stage CDMX’ and the
organization expects to see its development focus about 150,000
people, a fact that justifies the huge link that must perform the
pilots from the base of the rally in Guanajuato to the capital of the country. With
all, own Guanajuato retains its stage street in the area of Alhóndiga
de Granaditas, in this case during the second stage of the rally, on the day
Friday. The rally also retains the special at the Autodromo de Leon
among the 19 sections that comprise the test.