The Rally of Mexico crosses the paths of Prokop and Bertelli


despite being a coach in private without the potential economic and logistical have the rest of manufacturers in the WRC, without a doubt M-Sport has taken advantage in the race the new World Rally Cars. However, the guys from Malcolm Wilson have put three Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 in competition and only Hyundai has the same number of World Rally Cars. However, the british team joined in the Rally of Sweden, the new unit of Mads Ostberg in the bosom of the team OneBet Jipocar, the structure that should compete with Martin Prokop from Rally Mexico.

however, Martin Prokop will not be able to make his debut with the Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 in Guanajuato. As confirmed by sources of the computer itself, pointing out that the Czech rider will not be at the controls of a new World Rally Car at least until the Rally of Corsica. The reason that has been put forward for this delay is delays in the production of the Ford Fiesta that builds up M-Sport, although different sources do not rule out that Martin Prokop will alter their program to compete in the WRC Trophy and accommodate a third rider inside of your structure that may rent the Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 originally used for the Czech.

Which does not seem to be affected by these problems of M-Sport is
another of the pilots deprived of the usual contest, the whole time Lorenzo Bertelli
has announced that yes will debut with the Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 in the Rally of
. After competing in the Rally of Sweden with a unit specification
old and suffer various engine problems that prevented him from finishing the
rally, the Italian announced through their profiles on social networks that have
the new Party in Guanajuato. Will be the fifth unit of the Party
RS WRC ’17 between in-competition
to the waiting car Prokop.