The Rally of Mexico fulfils its threat of hardness


With a format very standardized and regulated by the FIA and the promoter of the
WRC, the rallies are looking for differentiators. Stretches, night clubs, special urban or the absence of assistance middle tend to be
elements that give a bit of color to the various tests of the World
Rallies. In 2015 the proposal of the Tour de Corse with only nine special gave
a lot to talk about, even though the torrential rains on the island of Corsica aguaron
the rally. For the next season, the Rally of Mexico reinforces its commitment to
the hardness
with special, more complicated, long and hard. A stretch of 80
the miles will be the protagonist of the test.

The Rally Mexico will have 22 special with a total of 402 kilometres against the clock, being a priori the appointment with a longest tour of the season. The test will begin with almost any safety in the day on Thursday, with the dispute of the superespecial by the mining city of Guanajuato and the double back superespecial. The day of Friday will have a total of three to seven sections, although three of them return to be special. The sections of ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Mine’ provide the bulk of the trip with almost 70 miles on set.

The day of Saturday will be the longest with nine timed sections, including ‘Ibarilla’ with 30.38 miles and ‘Otates’. Pilots will have to perform two passes on this stretch of more than 42 kilometers. The hardness of the mileage accumulated in a test that is held at a high altitude, which is harmful for pilots and especially for the engines, adds to the section ‘Guanajuato’ with 80 kilometers. It will be the last challenge of the Rally of Mexico that has a stake in the hardness as the first quote on the gravel of the season.