The Rally of Poland gets it square in the WRC 2017


The Rally of Poland has become the thirteenth round of the World Rally in 2017. Despite the doubts generated in this test in terms of safety and who have made him part of the list of three tests wildcard that did not have their place secured for the next year, the local organizer and the promoter of the WRC have reached an agreement for Poland figure for the sixth time in the calendar of the Championship of the World. In this way, the second rally, the world’s oldest will be their fourth presence in succession in the competition.

The Rally of Poland is disputed from 1921 and formed part of the European Rally since 1964. With such a remarkable track record, the appointment Polish was one of those which were included in the first edition of the WRC in 1973. A timely participation as the Rally of Poland returned to form part of the Championship World Rally to the 2009 season. it Was in 2014 when the test formalized its back high on the calendar of the World. Since then, Volkswagen has achieved the victory in the three editions held with the triumphs of Ogier (2014 and 2015) and Mikkelsen (2016).

The 74th edition of the Rally of Poland will take place between June 30 and July 2 on the dirt roads around Mikolajki, region with fast tracks around the lakes of Masuria. All in all, your celebration is subject to confirmation by the 30th of November during the World Council of the Motor of the FIA, the date on which in principle can also be unveil for the final schedule of the WRC and some other aspects that are defined of face-to-2017. Everything indicates that the Rally of Turkey will complete the calendar in the absence of China.