The Rally of Sweden and the premiere of the three Hyundai i20 WRC


Hyundai is facing the Rally of Sweden with a stake in the firm. After playing the Monte carlo Rally, with only two units of the new Hyundai i20 WRC and a third drive corresponding to the model 2015, in the sections of the test nordic we will see for the first time to the three riders to compete on equal terms. According to the policy adopted this season by Hyundai Motorsport, Thierry Neuville and Hayden Paddon will be the first team of the firm and will be the pilots in charge of scoring for the classification of trademarks. For his part, Dani Sordo will compete with the third Hyundai i20 WRC, released from pressure.

Thierry Neuville has a special attraction for the Rally of Sweden. Well it is true that has only played this test on four occasions, but it is also true that during her ill-fated 2015, was one of the few rallies in which he was able to fight for the podium and the only one in which the victory was to throw. Neuville finished second, his best result of 2015. The belgian, as it is logical remember with fondness: I have good memories of Sweden, especially in the last year, when we fought for the victory until the final stage, ending, ultimately, on the podium. It was a great result for us”.

“we Had a good start this season with the i20 WRC a new generation, finding upgrades on the car day to day. Get several stage wins and a podium in our first test with the new car was a great feeling and I hope that I can take all of this into Sweden explains Thierry Neuville to balance mode of the first event of the season. Despite this, the belgian did not mark any firm objective: “it Could be an event good for us, so I look forward to see what we can conseguir“.


Hayden Paddon has only
competed twice in Sweden
. In his first participation at the controls
a Skoda Fabia S2000 was not a distinguished performance, while in 2015 the new zealander finished fifth at the
dashboard of the Hyundai i20 WRC, which left a good taste in your mouth: Sweden is a rally that I really enjoyed a lot in the past year and me personally I love driving on snow. we Want to offer a good performance for the team and for ourselves, trying to get among the first five to get a good result“.

despite his words, Hayden Paddon not started very well the season, as is explained in the
own pilot: Monte carlo was full of difficult days, and just as I expected, but it was a good learning experience. We can look back at a weekend is very productive, but I now look forward to my first experience with the i20 WRC a new generation. In addition, Paddon made his debut with the new World Rally Car, scoring for the team: “we Had a good performance last year and I hope we can have another strong performance with the i20 WRC new generaciĆ³n“.

Dani Sordo on this occasion it is the third in discord. She will compete in the team Hyundai Motorsport N in a test in which you do not know the podium and also lost in the past year due to injury: “Sweden is a really interesting and very fun. I like to ride on snow at full speed, which is a feel really special. I like this test a lot and I look forward to my first participation as a driver of Hyundai Motorsport. I Want to improve my experience with the i20 WRC new generation, ensuring a safe start and reliable in this temporada“.