The Rally of Sweden is still ahead


The Rally of Sweden is still ahead. Despite the difficult conditions that accompany the test and had questioned their dispute during the last few days, riders, teams, suppliers of tyres, the FIA and the organiser of the rally have joined forces for the second date of the WRC to take place. The lack of snow and ice, which has already been forced to cancel 8 of the 21 sections that make up the test and that will surely alter even more the journey, of time does not put brake to the competition. The impromptu departure ceremony held today gives the starting gun to the test.

To compete in the Rally of Sweden in the best possible conditions, the organization has taken a series of decisions. With the obligation to compete with the gums, nails, and bearing in mind that there are compound conducive for the loss of these nails and the subsequent overheating of the covers, it has been determined to expand the number of tires due to the lack of snow and ice. with drivers of vehicles World Rally Car will have 30 tires in place of the 24 envisaged, after having four tires extra and get two more between the SS2 and SS3 for security reasons.

The developer has also tried to promote the presence of ice ‘watering’ the sections with a tanker truck and flattening the sections more battered. The low night temperatures may cause a thin layer of ice that if well will not be enough, can prevent the breakage bulk of the terrain in some sections. Despite all these measures, the Rally of Sweden could not come to their end, and the meeting between the manufacturers, suppliers of rubbers, FIA and the promoter will be repeated tomorrow to assess the situation facing the Saturday and Sunday, all time that the special this Friday in Norway do not seem to offer problems.