The Rally RACC Catalunya 2016 loses two sections


the promoter of The Rally RACC
Catalonia has published the tour final
of the test and the great new
the same is the loss of two sections, leaving the proof in 19 special
instead of the 21 that were set in the first itinerary posted. The reason of
this small modification is that the organizer has decided to remove the two
past by ‘Mora d Ebré – Ascó’
, special 9,62 km which opened the
competition on the stage Friday, a day that is played on gravel. In
this aspect, the organizer could not ensure the right of access to the segment to

All in all, the 52nd edition of the
Rally RACC Catalunya is limited to 19 special, which reduces your distance
competitive to the 321 kilometre timed. In addition, the stage of earth
Friday becomes one of the most short of the world since the six
special that make up the first stage of the rally will be held between 10 and
the 16 hours. Be that as it may, the challenge on the stretches of land catalans will be
just as hard in this edition of 2016 all of time the two passes to the
38,95 km ‘Terra Alta’ remain unchanged

Despite this, the feeling is that we are faced with an edition of the Rally RACC Catalunya a spot,
the promoter has seen with troubles when configuring the route
a test that maintains Salou as the epicenter of the same. However, it should be
remember that the test lost for this edition the sections of the region ‘The
, which forces them to do without, among other things, the ever-iconic
crossing ‘Molar’. Be that as it may, the day of Saturday and Sunday
remains unchanged in relation to the first presented itinerary.