The Ram Rebel Black Edition will hit the market in brief

Ram Rebel Black Edition

The Group Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) is going through a delicate time in the united States. Sales of their brands aren’t as good as they would like and it seems that their accounts are not in their best moment. All of this will translate into the elimination of models and heavy investment in the more money given to them. One of the marks that they will it’s RAM and therefore are present a new version to its best-selling model.

RAM 1500 is the goose that lays the golden eggs of the firm and to continue to grow in sales the brand of the ram has just presented the version Rebel Black Edition. With this special new version, they can improve a product already very good. For this case it is added to many touches of black to the body of the 1500 Rebel, which makes the pick up more small of RAM is more attractive.

Ram Rebel Black Edition

For this week RAM presented the 1500 Rebel Black Edition at the Auto Show in Detroit and surely will not be alone in the stand of the signature. The difference is that this model will not only be sold in black colour as it will keep the rest of the colours though seasoned with touches of black that characterize. These will be their alloy wheels, protections of the body, as well as the grid that shows which version we are talking about.

inside black tones also take control of the dashboard and appliques that are on view happening on this occasion to be brushed black instead of the chrome that I rode until now. seats black leather give the elegant touch to a very modern and with a quality (apparent) more than resultona for what they offered models of the firm until a few years ago.

mechanically the Rebel Black Edition shares the same schema of the suspension and engines of the Rebel that it is marketed up to now. The financial difference between one and another is placed at $ 750 and part of the 45.950 dollars version V6 Pentastar. The range is closed at the top with the version 5.7-liter Hemi in the front, although for her there are no prices.

The mark to open the list of orders for customers wishing to purchase one can do so during the celebration of the Auto Show in Detroit.

Source – Ram Trucks