The Range Rover Evoque passed through the hands of Hamann Motorsport

Hamann Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque prepared by Hamann Motorsport.

Within your niche market the Range Rover Evoque is already one of the most sought-after models. Will be by your design, line, distinction, features, or finishes. In any case, this little a luxury SUV driving position on-high and four-wheel drive has managed to get a site on the market. However, and as usual, within these models as exclusive there are always those who go a step beyond what customization is concerned. It is here where comes into play Hamann Motorsport.

The well-known trainer, has presented its new package of improvements for the Range Rover Evoque. A full program of adjustments with which Hamann offers us both a whole series of modifications to an aesthetic level as a mechanic. It combines a strong and deep look with a few “shoes” more exclusive with the equipment and the refinery that both characterizes the model of Land Rover.

it should Be noted that this package of upgrades will offer both for the body of three-as five-door. In the first place and having a look at the exterior of the Range Rover Evoque prepared by Hamann Motorsport, we will find a new front skirt, new daytime running lights in LED technology as well as some extensions for the front wings and rear.

Hamann Range Rover Evoque

The package of enhancements is available for both the body of three-as five-door.

To all this we must add new side skirts, while if we look at the area later, we will find a new exhaust system whose outputs (two in total), in a central position, are perfectly integrated. These valves are offered in both black and in a silver finish. By the way, for the exhaust system, Hamann offers their particular system with which to emanate a authentic sound sports.

┬┐it is Not enough? let’s go to the section mechanic. If after all the modifications and novelties on an aesthetic level mentioned above, we must add the possibility to opt for a kit potentiation. This kit will be available for all engines. That is to say, the blocks TD4, eD4, SD4 and Si4, including the option top of range. All of them receive a optimization of the map of power.

And to put the finishing touch to this package of improvements, added a few shock absorbers to lower the height of the body 30 millimeters. Thanks to this, the center of gravity is lower and their behaviour in the cornering is much more sporty.