The Range Rover Sport 2017 shows us the interior for the first time


A wash of image that is focus on everything in front

The highest class and elegant Land Rover is working to undergo a face wash. The coming year will be the turn of brand new image for the family Range Rover. All versions will suffer, but today we can fast forward to that date and check how will be the interior of the Range Rover Sport 2017.

Outwardly, we see how they apply a series of changes in the body, although to be honest these are the minimum, and always focus on the front-a premiere bumper with side openings larger, and a lower front grille redesigned. In the rest of the design does not appreciate changes, even wear the vinyl camouflage.

And that is the truth that both the Range Rover as the Range Rover Sport have a design that seamlessly combines the classic and modern touch. That’s why the English house retocar√° the minimum possible. Enough to keep it up to date but without losing the aroma of elegance and refinement.


Outwardly hardly will change, preserving therefore the current measures

Where I see changes is in the interior. Although not many, we are not going to believe. this Is the first time that we see how will be the interior renovated, at least everything related to the dashboard and the instrument cluster. The technology will be the central axis of the restyling and it is here where more is note.

See ourselves as the center console display is temporary, but this occupies the whole width of the surface, irrespective of the current side buttons accompanying the screen. This indicates to us that the next infotainment system Land Rover will include a large digital display with which you will be able to handle the majority of equipment options.

The other novelty comes from the driving position. Currently the Range Rover show a screen located between two spheres analog. With the model 2017 these will disappear to make way for a box to go completely digital, at least in the finishes highest of the range.


this Is the first time that we can take a look at the interior of the new Range Rover Sport

These changes will not only be applicable to the Sport version, but it will also be visible in its big brother, the Range Rover, which parallel continues its development phase. Even the most beast and crazy all of you will receive your corresponding face wash. The Range Rover Sport SVR that we have also been caught in the testing phase.