The Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018 prepares to attack

The BMW X6 left its mark, opening a niche that seemed somewhat abstract in its time, it has been almost 8 years, but the rise of the Sport Utility Vehicles now conquers his tyranny over the market allowed this model to become the halo of fair play of this segment, differentiating itself from all the others and ushering in the philosophy of the SAVs (Sport Activity Vehicles).

The figures speak for themselves and the success of the X6 is indisputable; a success to which you want to add Mercedes-Benz with its GLE Coupe, and now the firm of TTs and SUVs most popular of all time: Range Rover.


The model that we address in this occasion is the direct competitor of the previously mentioned and, as this, will use the base of an already existing model moldeƔndola towards a figure almond.

In this way, the Range Rover Sport Coupe will put the point more spicy to the range british with a figure more stylized thanks to a roof of sharp fall up behind; a behind presumed more lying than usual although the camouflage you try to fool us with that “strap-on” that falls from the moon later.


side observed the typical and identifying the setting of roof of ‘sandwich’ Range Rover that accompanies the roof pitch and a waist line is very high; resources that reinforce the differences of this model with a Range Rover Sport to use. In addition to all this, the design of the optical front it seems fine-tuned to draw a look more suggestive while the riders rear “jaguarizan” elongating horizontally across the tailgate in a very high position.

No doubt the kin with a Jaguar F-Pace, with which it shares platform and many other elements, although groomed to give it the touch so special that only Land Rover knows how to give their models more prestigious.