The range SUV Mercedes preparing updates to the 2016


The first models to arrive will be the GLC and GLE Plug-In Hybrid

Mercedes unveils the plan of road layout for the presentation of new developments in its range of SUV throughout 2016. Leaving a little margin to the smaller -Class Mercedes GLA-, during the year ahead, we will find new developments which extend the range of the new Class Mercedes GLC, a more ecological GLE and the arrival of the impressive GLS.

The Class Mercedes GLC will be the protagonist during the 2016

we will Begin the year with good standing. In January 2016 reach the GLE’s and GLC powered by a system plug-in hybrid. In the first place, the well-known Class Mercedes GLC 350 e 4MATIC will feature a set formed by a four-cylinder engine -211 BHP – and one electric -114 HP – out of a total of 320 HP. coupled to the automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC PLUS.

In contrast, the GLES 500 e 4MATIC will feature a hybrid system, plug-in more power composed by a block gasoline V6 333-HP coupled to an electric motor -116 CV – and the above-mentioned automatic transmission. In this case, the large SUV will have a total power of 442 CV. Both variants of hybrid, plug-in have a battery of lithium-ion 8,7 kWh capacity that recharges in approximately two hours by means of a charging base wall. The electric mode allows you to go up to 30 km, and circular speeds of up to 130 km/h without emitting any gases to the environment.


All the know-how that Mercedes used in the S-Class receives the GLS

TO the end of the first quarter, in march, will begin arriving units of the new Mercedes Class GLS 2016, formerly known as the GL-Class to dry”. The the flagship of the SUV Mercedes is equivalent to the S-Class in this type of bodywork and therefore includes all the technology, luxury and refinement that the germans put into the large saloon.

During the summer we will know a new version of the mid-size SUV, we talk about the GLC 450 AMG. It is a sport variant that forms a bridge between conventional versions of the GLC and the expected top-line signed for AMG. Inside we hope to find the same content as that of a Mercedes C-Class 450 AMG: a propellant gas V6 biturbo 367 HP and 520 Nm of pair that you will provide a performance very sporting. All topped with a bodystyling of greater aggressiveness.

Shortly after the latest version of the sport SUV -up to the moment that we know the 63 AMG– in September will be available the versions of access of the GLC. It is the variants 200 and 200d of propulsion rear more efficient for city and economic to purchase.


The Class Mercedes GLC Coupe as we know it thanks to our spy photos

finally, Mercedes we reserve a surprise for relieving back to school: the Class GLC Coupe will begin sales in September. The body of look more dynamic of the SUV will probably be presented officially a few months before. As very soon we will see it in the Hall of New York.

With the rise of this type of coachwork, the range SUV of any brand must be cared for with cuddles and updated regularly. Not only is it important to be present in each segment but in addition every one of them requires to have multiple possibilities.