The rare and remarkable Ferrari yellow: the sole F60 America yellow that there is


Ferrari F60 yellow, a priori, the only one existing.

Typically, in this series of reports, we try to show those specimens of the Italian brand that for some reason or another have been prominent in the history of the brand and show the less usual yellow color in their bodies. As could be the last prototype survivor of the 288 GTO of 1984, or the F40 prepared for the Sultan of Brunei. Models that, in theory, never had this color in your palette, since officially, all were manufactured in the usual red.

so do not point out regular patterns, that multiple choices of color were also yellow in its catalog. Focusing generally in models classic, with a certain amount of years at least.

however, on this occasion we have dedicated this space to a model that is practically new, one of the copies of the F60 America limited edition, but with a particularity very striking, and is the only one that has left the factory in italy in this color, yellow.


The engine is the same V12 to 65 degrees of the F12, with 740 HP.

As a special edition commemorative can not classify it as a regular model more, despite being based really on a model of the catalog’s usual signature. And its condition of being the only yellow is a feature that be defined broadly in the years to come.

This issue, therefore, there is no difference at the technical level of the other 9 units manufactured in series, and until today has not starred in another news that was not his mere existence.

Ferrari presented this special series in October 2014. The reason was no other than celebrate 60 years of presence of the brand in north America. Although their real most important market is the united States, which is where they held their ceremony presentation.


These were the colors in which it was presented the F60America, white on blue.

This was called the F60 America, for this reason, and one of his traits most evident was its color scheme. Paint blue with a center stripe of white color, imitating the mode of homage to the colors of the team North American Racing Team. This was founded by Luigi Chinetti, the importer of the brand in the united States and a personal friend of Enzo Ferrari.

Based on the F12 Berlinetta, the F60 America boasts the technical scheme of this, engine F140FC V12 to 65 degrees front of 6.3 liters and 740 horses included. The differences are found only on the outside. The body panels are new, but keeps the basic outline of the F12, a long front hood, cabin two-seater, and a short rear.

however, he lost the roof becoming roadster. The model acquires a removable roof of rigid type and an aggressive design on the rear area of the passenger compartment, with two arches in the rear to arches rollover to which is attached the canvas close.


Only 10 copies and this is the only color yellow.

While the other units showed these arches and the mullions of the windshield silver-colored, the exemplary color yellow are available in black and yellow respectively. The particular interior design remains the same. All of the F60 America have with the interior in two colors, black and red. The first of them to the passenger side and the red for the seat and the driver’s area, although the exemplary yellow only shows the pilot’s seat and part of the steering wheel in these tones.

One of the more eye-catching was the introduction of the second screen of information to the co-pilot, in which is shown the scheme of revolutions that it goes in the engine and the speed. This item already can be found in the family GTC4Lusso.

The price of this limited series was around the $ 2.5 million per unit, a price many times above the base price of the F12 Berlinetta. Although this is the usual thing in the limited editions and the models outside of the regular series of Maranello.


This is the interior normal of the F60 America, in black and red, although the exemplary yellow rider.

it Remains to be seen as will evolve the prices of these models. That
while a priori, due to its extreme rarity, it should go up with the time,
it is not yet clear whether they will be valued equally by collectors
in a few years.

As almost we’re getting used to discover each
few months unique copies out of the Project department
Special Maranello. So is likely to be considered and
valued as simple variants of the models in which they are
. Which are quite cheaper than these.