The rare and veterans Ferrari yellow racing: Berlinetta Boxer 512 1978


A very rare piece available, one of the four Ferrari 512 BB Competizione of 1978.

The market of sports competition classic is a very niche boutique market, where the rules that prevail are tremendously different from the one that we can find both in the market of occasion like in your own classic car. This is because are usually pieces or very limited or directly unique, which is coupled to the winners of sports of each piece, which always makes them unique.

In this case, we find ourselves with a very rare and veteran Ferrari racing of the decade of the seventies, based on a production model of the Italian brand, which at that time occupied the high part of the catalog of the firm of Maranello, Berlinetta Boxer 512. Although the 512 BB of competition is less well known than the spectacular BB LM, which coincided with his time on the track, this was also destined to the great circuits of the planet.

This issue of 1978 was prepared for the Ecurie Francorchamps, team belgian private property of the pilot, Jacques Swaters. This was the importer for Belgium of the Ferrari brand, Garage Francorchamps, and maintained a close relationship with Enzo Ferrari. Hence, their equipment, the Ecurie Francorchamps and Ecurie Nationale Belge were private teams with direct support from Maranello, wearing the distinctive yellow color of the team’s belgian, which made them easily distinguishable in the circuits for their vibrant color.


The rear spoiler comes directly from the Ferrari 312 T2 F1.

After the development on the part of the american team NART of the spectacular BB LM on the 365 GT4 BB, the own Ferrari developed his own variant of racing on the successor to the business of this, the new version BB 512 that had the front raised to 5.0 litres of V12 at 180 degrees. For this modified 4 units in 1978, starting with a reduction of weight 1.596 kg for the road version to about 1,200 kg, The engine’s twelve cylinders had with injection system mechanical fuel Luke and ignition electronic Marelli, raising its power from 340 horses up to around 445 HP.

Your body won steps of wheels wider, new air intakes on the side to the height of the stud rear, auxiliary lights behind the front grille in replacement of the now doomed headlights, retractable and above all a new rear spoiler, taken directly from the cars 312 T2 Formula 1 of the Scuderia.

The four exemplary ran under the colors of the teams of Charles Pozzi, NART and Ecurie Francorchamps, although none managed to finish the race. Ferrari had increased the power a little more than 100 horses but had not practiced any modification to the transmission. This exemplary yellow precisely did not complete the test due to problems in the gearbox.


The headlights now stood behind the front grille.

In the test gala had the dorsal 85 and was piloted by belgian Teddy Pilette and Jean Beurlys, which were accompanied by the englishman, Nick Faure and the French Raymond Touroul.

The following year it was sold to Ennio Gianaroli, who held the property three decades. After which has happened several times of hands, receiving a complete restoration in the year 2005. Currently, the Ferrari BB 512 number 22715 is listed for sale in the exclusive dealership Fiskens of London.

In recent years, this issue has been employed in various events such classics as Le Mans Classic, for which we do not speak of a piece static museum. Their state after the restoration is flawless and except for the dorsal which now bears, and even shows the same decoration of the sponsors that looked at Le Mans 1978.


The power increased about 100 HP but the transmission did not receive modifications, his Achilles ‘ heel.

The only difference you can feel is the lack of clear lids that protected the auxiliary lights, and lucy in the race gala in 1978.