The rare and veterans Ferrari yellow: the last 288 GTO prototype survivor


unique Piece, the last prototype development a survivor of the 288 GTO.

Within the long list of models that have come out of the factory in Maranello, has gotten a few, but very significant specimens that have been highlighted by not looking the color Rosso Corsa so characteristic of the company of Enzo Ferrari, but by the various shades of yellow that were already available long before the brand could offer the wide range of colour than presumed today. Within these specimens, we couldn’t leave aside one of the most curious, the only prototype development of the Ferrari 288 GTO that has survived until our days.

One of only four copies that were created during the development of the model, of which the two were used for crash tests and the third had to be despiezado to be able to repair the vehicle of a customer, so this is the only one that could keep the factory in italy and that from the year 1985 is in private hands.

None of these four development units are accounted for in the figure of 272 copies made of the 288 GTO, even the yellow color with which we are dealing. Although they were originally planned 200 units needed to be able to homologate the model in the Group B of the competition, following the high demand received, in the Ferrari decided to increase that number up to 272 copies, all of them in the theory of colour Rosso Corsa and steering wheel to the left.


Your beautiful picture is considered the profile Ferrari par excellence.

Although as we saw with the F40 yellow in the Sultan of Brunei, the unit that had modifications raised the power up to 650 horse, this was not exactly as he told us the story during all these years. Because of the own 288 GTO is known that some copies were also delivered to the Royal family of Brunei with the steering wheel located to the right and by what was said, also in other colors, although there are no published photos of these vehicles.

In the case of this strange prototype, fully functional, really was born of colour Rosso Corsa as the rest of drives of pre-production, however, after completing their development, Ferrari decided to put the copy, which for some reason is still not known, it also entailed the change of color of your body by the yellow Giallo Fly that looks until today.

Auctioned off in may 2007 at the event Ferrari Leggenda e Passione, organized by RM Auctions in the own factory in Maranello, before it merged into the house Sotheby s. This prototype with frame number ZFFPA16B000047649 was unable to reach a price of 506.000 euros, exceeding the higher expectations that auguraban a value between 400,000 and 450,000 euros. A value more than considerable to any copy of the 288 GTO at that time, before his prices shot up to close to eur 2 million in the that are sold these today.


Although it takes the forms of the 308, at the technical level are not related.

Although the 288 GTO was born in the image and likeness of the 308 GTB what is certain is that at the technical level has little to do with this. If the 308 GTB, was an evolution on the platform elongated shape of the Dino 246 GT, with a maximum torque of the engine located centrally in cross section, the 288 GTO had a unibody frame and strengthened with composite materials, the legacy technology of the self-employed in that time at the Scuderia, the Ferrari 126 C2 was designed by Harvey Postlethwaite, the first carbon-fibre monocoque of the brand.

The only reason that the GTO of 1984 were the spectacular image widened 308 GTB was the order’s own Enzo Ferrari, which was limited to ask a derivative of the 308 GTB to be able to compete in circuits, without more clarification.

The 288 GTO also had a renewed V8 to 90 degrees located longitudinally. Of 2.8 litres and two turbos IHI japanese, erogaba 400 horses of power, which allowed to be the production model, the fastest time, 305 km/h of maximum speed and an acceleration of under 5 seconds.


the Image of the event Ferrari Leggenda e Passione RM Auctions at Fiorano.

After putting into production of the model, a customer managed to convince in 1985 to Ferrari that sold him the prototype yellow then counted with a low mileage, less than 10,000 miles, the same as they had at the time to be auctioned off in 2007. Of black interior, had originally a seat belt of four anchor points, but had elements such as the air conditioning, which was installed subsequently, although in 2007, RM Auctions announced the model without further modifications.

In private hands, even, the yellow 288 GTO number 47649 was considered almost a decade ago as the issue most valuable of all the low production of the model, due to its origin and history. So today your quotation should exceed the 2 million euros that have already asked for the rest of the books regular production model.