The real Mercedes Class G 6 × 6 is the G 500


During the 80s and 90s were committed in Germany worthy preparations of the world from the horrors of HP Lovecraft. Designers seemed addicted to cocaine, and were widening plan every day. It was in the late 80s when a German coach known as Schultz created first-drive Mercedes G Class 6 × 6 . The German army also had some units 6 × 6 Schultz. The G 63 AMG 6 × 6 is not a pioneer, so I know to creating Schultz.

This unit has equipment worthy of a limousine: minibar, TV, two air conditioners …

In this case it is a preparation made on the basis of the Mercedes Class G prepared by Shultz, who started its life as a simple G 500 five-door long wheelbase . Although up to the C-pillar is identical to the standard car, hence back an additional shaft with a new piece of body, which carries its length to almost seven meters in length is added. Also has increased the ceiling height , with a new roof that allows almost anyone standing inside the car, using the space much better.

As this car began life as a military vehicle for private use – belonged to a commander of the Bundeswehr, the German army – has decided to apply a good dose of tuning to give a more … civil. The unit has ended in Russia possibly sold to some guy with some kind of complex. Anyway, it has been equipped with tires and off-road tires and suspension centimeters high. Its front and exterior details belong to the most recent G Class.

For G 500 which originated as the base is not exactly new: engine 5.0 V8 developing 251 hp and in the steering wheel or instrument you can clearly see the passage of time . The upholstery of this bestial 6 × 6 has been finished in blue – just like your body – topped with luxurious Alcantara accents. Where failure this preparation is in its sound, like something out of a neighborhood tuning. A light bar LED lights the way from the top of the cabin.

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