The reborn ATS is back with a new model, and this is their teaser

The sector of the car world is full of brands, which in their day had a luster and today no one remembers. Automobili Turismo e Sport, or better known as ATS was a company founded in the year 1962 by three former employees of Ferrari. His greatest moment of glory was harvested in that decade, as it went on to become a Formula 1 team.

His first street car was the ATS 2500 GT, which was presented at the Paris motor show in the year 1963. This car featured an engine located in a central position and was in production between the years 1963 to 1965. From then on its history has been repeated cyclically, that is to say, pass from their hands to others so that eventually no be able to relaunch it.

The last owner “famous” that has been the owner of the firm has been Gianluca Gregis, that before done with her permanently had to fight a hard legal battle with another “alleged” owner. However, Gregis had no intention of any re-launch of the signature, as time after you get your property stable, he decided to sell it to a new bidder.

Now, these new owners are ready to return to ATS at the market. Came to the brand in 2015 and only have needed two years to “supposedly” have a new model to market. The next August 31 is the date chosen by the officers of ATS to present this model and to animate the environment have launched the teaser which you can see in the main image.

In this image we can only see the side of the – new ATS GT, a name that will be the final model. At first glance, what catches the attention is the resemblance that it has with the 2500 GT of the 60s. Your designer has been Emanuele Bomboi, and has announced that this model be used to manufacture lightweight materials as the carbon fiber.

reported their creators, the ATS GT will come with a petrol engine bi-turbo configuration-V8. His power has not been revealed, nor who will be its provider, but we can imagine a good performance. Its production will be limited to only 12 units and the price that the mark has not been confirmed. What we do know is that it will be presented at the Salon Prive next August 31.

For more details will have to wait until the event, but it will be a special day for the brand, points to his coming back to life after 50 years in the world of the dead.

Source – Automobili Turismo e Sport – ATS

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