The recipe for happiness is this BMW M5 E34 1993, with the engine V12 from a BMW 850 CSi!

do Not have too to be happy in life. With a BMW M5 E34 to which we have transplanted the V12 with 5.6 liters of a BMW 850 CSi is enough in my opinion. This creation is for sale in the U.S., at a fantastic website called Bring a Trailer, that would be even more addicted if I lived on the other side of the pond. Echo of a Craigslist ad in a suburb of New York city, where someone sold for 16.500 $ this wonderful M5 E34 with transplant of twelve cylinders. In addition, happiness is affordable.

BMW M5 E34 is a special car. Was the last M5 with engine six-cylinder in-line, and its design has been in my opinion the most beautiful of the saga. The car is of the year 1993, and has around 80,000 miles on the odometer – about 140,000 km for which we use the metric system. swap the V12 engine was made to be about 14,000 kilometers, in a professional way by the specialists of Koala Motorsport in Ohio. It is not a V12 either: it is a wonderful S70B56, whose original power in the 8 Series was of 381 HP.

bmw-m5-e34-v12-7Just 1,500 of these propellants were manufactured in the mid-90s, and only were mounted on the BMW 850 CSi, a car developed by BMW Motorsport – despite the lack of an “M” in its name. This propeller aluminum is associated in this BMW M5 at a gearbox Getrag six relationships, that at the time of the swap was new to brand new. The engine has received some other bauble mechanics – as a exhaust Eisenmann – so its power has been increased to 420 horsepower and torque at about 600 Nm.

Engine 5.6 V12 S70B56 BMW 850 CSi donor has been boosted up to a respectable 420 HP.

To support the additional weight of the V12 engine in the front position, the BMW M5 has been perfected by Koala Motorsport, which has installed a suspension self-leveling EDCIII, with springs H&R and new suspension arms, as well as a stabilizer of the highest caliber. To keep the power at bay, in the rear differential, the BMW M5 has a limited slip Quaife. The braking equipment of series has been replaced by disks striped UUC 355 mm at the front axle and 328 mm in the rear axle.

bmw-m5-e34-v12-4Material of first quality for the brake pads and a clutch again listed in the recent changes of a car that is aesthetically indistinguishable from other BMW M5 is a contemporary. The current owner has wanted to give a look less american, more european, . As they do not have the problems of approval that we have in Europe, has not had a problem in installing flashing and antinieblas of european specification. Outwardly, there is nothing to indicate the beast that lives under the hood of this discreet BMW M5.

The owner claims that the car works perfectly, except the sound system, which amplifier has failed. The air conditioning works, and all the equipment OEM of the car retains its original appearance. Mechanically there are no defects, and the platform-E34 do not have problems of electronic communication with the engine of twelve cylinders: is not the first swap to thrusters S70. The painting itself would need a refresher on the roof or tailgate. Pecatta minute, and at the end.

bmw-m5-e34-v12-5that said, I wish I lived in the US

Source: BaT