The red giant video: the passionate devouring machine motors

Will cars to heaven? When a car is no longer useful, and stop being useful I mean that this will end directly in a junkyard, there are different possibilities. Uncirculated, the car ends up in the exciting world of waste treatment. Their liquids are extracted, those parts which might be exploited are removed, in some cases may end his retirement resting in a campaign full of automotive waste, and the majority must proceed to complete dismantling and subsequent destruction, using industrial machines as spectacular as we show in this video .

Before recycling, solid, compact and heavy elements, such as the engine block, are sliced ​​and pounded into huge industrial crushers like this.

compaction, “destruction” and the subsequent recycling of waste is essential. Otherwise, our country would have tens of millions of cars crammed into scrapping. In addition to the machines compactors, those spectacular presses are able to despachurrar a vehicle to reduce it to a block of twisted metal, also there crushers like this video (Jalopnik). Machines with huge teeth are capable of shredding a motor and separate each part for easy transfer to the steelworks that will handle processing.

The machine in question is specialized in grinding engine blocks, in such painful for those who after the wreckage see what was once a car as exciting work. This machine in question, known colloquially as the “red giant” weighs 42 tonnes and has an engine of 710 horsepower .

Source: Hammel Recyclingtechnik
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