The reflections of Verstappen on what happened in Austin


Max Verstappen in response to the press with the face painted to commemorate the traditional Day of the dead’ in Mexico.

Max Verstappen is going through some difficult times in comparison with his team-mate in recent races and, after sort back in Austin, the race was not much better.

After the first stop, Verstappen tried to catch Nico Rosberg and was able to get it, but shortly after the tires came down and ended up losing four seconds of margin on the Mercedes before returning to stop in the pit. In this regard, Max recognizes that “I was trying to overtake, that is what I did with Kimi (Räikkönen) also. With Nico (Rosberg) did not work the same. But in the end, got hurt my left front wheel a little. As a pilot I always want to improve. I want to win, that is the goal always”.

Then came the second stop, which made ahead of time and without that the team would call him to the pits, so the mechanics were not ready. His engineer told him to increase the pace and, as he saw his partner enter in that turn, he interpreted that I had to do it in the next. “you Always have some encrypted messages, of course. We talked about things, but after riding for an hour, you enter a comfort zone and you put the auto-pilot. I saw Daniel enter in the previous round, so I thought I would have to stop at the next. And there I was wrong. So that, perhaps, was too much in my world”.


Verstappen also approached the subject of the message by radio to his engineer. “I’m Not here to finish fourth!” was the response from Max when reminded that he had to make sure to finish the relay in good condition when pressed to Nico Rosberg for trying to overtake him. Max thinks that the message seemed arrogant, but that is not the case at all. “I Think I’m going to remove that button, as well as never again will there be radio. The issue is that whenever I press the button of the radio, is published. So sometimes it sounds a little arrogant. About all that ‘I’m Not here to finish fourth’, but that is what comes to mind. I’m not here to be four at the end of the day. I’m here to win. But in the radio sounds arrogant and as if he were not listening to the team, but that is not my message. They always try to help you, so I would not say that it is unnecessary to. We will try to do a better job”.