The registrations of passenger cars rose 13.6% in the month of October 2017

we have Just entered a new month and that means that, in the Current Engine, we already have the sales data for the recently completed month of October. And good news for the sector of the passenger vehicles in terms of sales they refer, as has once again been closed to a period with positive results compared with the same month of the year predecessor.

October 2017 has been completed with a total of 95.108 enrollment in our country, which in comparison with the 83.733 units sold in the same month of 2016 represent a growth of 13.6 %, this being a fact quite positive. With respect to sales in the accumulated of the year, have been sold 1.033.269 cars, representing a growth of 7.3 %. Break the barrier of one million units in October is quite an achievement, since around the year 2016 does not manage to reach such a figure.

Registered for channels in October 2017

Enrollment of individuals

sales of passenger cars by channels are divided into three parts: individuals, companies, rental vehicles or rent a car and company vehicles. The one that we care most about is the particular, because it can reflect partially the purchasing power of the society. Of the three, without a doubt, is that the more slowly he recovers his level. In October 2017 have been enrolled 55.460 units to individuals, assuming a good growth of the to 10.7 %. however, in the first nine months of the year only grows by 2.9 %, with a total of 527.138 sales to individuals.

Registrations of companies alquiladoras of vehicles

enterprise rent a car have finished the month with a few positive values of growth 10 % thanks to their 6.517 acquisitions. Since we started this year 2017 have enrolled a total of 205.940 units in this channel, representing a growth of 8.9 % over the past 2016.

Registration of firms

The channel of companies has grown markedly in October compared with the same month of 2016; increasing 19.5% of their sales after enrolling 33.131 units. The data of the accumulated of the year show that this sector is going rather better than in 2016, with a positive jump of 14.8 per cent and more than 300,000 sales.

Diesel or gasoline

The gasoline eats the diesel, and not exactly slowly. While on these heights, 2016, in the data of the accumulated of the year, the sales of cars diesel accounted for 56.8% of the sales total, today its market share is 45.8 %; reflecting a decline of 11 %. For its part, the gas has spent in the same period by 42.9 to 53% up 10% in just 12 months. Sales of electric and hybrid cars have also increased substantially, going from 0.3 to 1.2 %, although its market share remains low.

Source – ANIACAM

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