The reliability in the point of look at what brand will be the best?

JD Power Fiabilidad the automotive sector is one of the most dynamic, if not the most, how many there are in the world. This dynamism requires the marks to be in the head as to research and new technologies. However the creation of these new technologies obliges brands to put on more than one occasion and to launch certain products that can sin of a certain immaturity safety and lack of reliability.

it is This situation which makes the customers are set increasingly in the reliability of the vehicles they purchase. Therefore marks when you are going to launch a new product perform thousands of test kilometres of testing to evaluate how they will behave their models before the use they are going to get from their buyers.

Mitsubishi FiabilidadTraditionally it has been thought that the vehicles germans are the most reliable in the world. However in the country is teutonic it has conducted a study to determine the cars most and least reliable and precisely the German brands are not in the head of the ranking. This study has been prepared by the consultant JD-Power and has focused on studying the problems that have had drivers with their vehicles in the last year.

According to the result of this study the brands that are most and least reliable for the German drivers are located in the following way.

  1. Mitsubishi: 77 PP100
  2. Peugeot: 92 PP100
  3. Skoda: 95 PP100
  4. Volvo: 96 PP100
  5. Seat: 99 PP100
  6. Nissan: 105 PP100
  7. Hyundai: 108 PP100
  8. Mazda: PP115 PP100
  9. Mercedes-Benz: 115 PP100
  10. Kia: 116 PP100
  11. Opel: 117 PP100
  12. Toyota: 118 PP100
  13. Honda: 124 PP100
  14. Renault: 124 PP100
  15. Volkswagen: 124 PP100
  16. Dacia: 126 PP100
  17. Ford: 131 PP100
  18. Smart: 135 PP100
  19. Suzuki: 144 PP100
  20. Audi: 150 PP100
  21. Mini: 150 PP100
  22. Citroën: 166 PP100
  23. Fiat: 170 PP100
  24. BMW: 178 PP100

Note: failures are measured per 100 vehicles studied. Mitsubishi has 77 failures per 100 cars surveyed, and so on.

As we can see Mitsubishi has risen to the first position of the ranking. We are not surprised because the japanese are the most meticulous design and develop their engineering projects. To find a German brand we have to go to the post number 9 in which is Mercedes-Benz. That, if we do not have in mind to Skoda in the position 3 and Seat in the position 5, as belonging to the Volkswagen Group and its technology is German.

The most surprising to us is the BMW that stands in the last place of the ranking. According to the results of has obtained 178 failures for every 100 cars tested. However, I’d like to break a lance in favor of the brand of the propeller. This report draws from mechanical failure, to problems related to the infotainment of the cars. At this point the systems of infotainment for cars of BMW are not the most intuitive in the world, and thus it may have obtained such a bad score in the ranking.

otherwise it is to highlight the position that you have achieved the Korean brands Hyundai and Kia and low-placed relating to the premium as Audi and Mini.

Source – JD-Power

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