The Renaul ZOE reached the 50,000 units produced

Renault Zoe 50.000 unidadesRenault is one of those brands that have opted for the electric vehicle. Your current range is composed by the small Twizy, the subcompact ZOE, and the van Kangoo ZE. Today we’re going to talk about is the intermediate, because the Renault ZOE just to mark a milestone of production to have come out of the factory in Flins (France) unit number 50.000, after nearly four years on the market.

The unit that has achieved this round figure is a ZOE black that will go to the garage of a French citizen which is called Sylvie, and will be using their small power to go urban commuting in St. Cloud. The delivery of keys made it’s own Guillaume Berthier, Commercial Director of Electric Vehicles, during a celebratory event at the plant in Flins.

Renault Zoe 50.000 unidadesThe sales of the Renault ZOE in 2015 were very positive. In Europe we reached the of 18,500 units, assuming a market share of 20% of electric vehicles. In France, the data are even better, since that exceeds the 55% of electrical sold. The market for this type of vehicles continues to grow, in 2015 the global sales grew by 48% and in 2016 it is expected to continue to increase.

Remember that the Renault ZOE is a subcompact electric, which last year updated, releasing the engine and to improve its autonomy. synchronous motor delivering 88 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque, in addition to reduced its size in a 10%. The result is that the electric range reached 240 kilometers, which means 30 miles what he was capable of doing when they presented it.

Source – Renault

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