The Renault Capture is updated slightly from the face to the Geneva motor show

Renault Captur 2017

don’t expect a new Renault Capture on an aesthetic level, nor a face wash deep. The French brand will be officially launched in the Geneva a restyling of its small crossover, but, as we said, do not seek a high number of differences with respect to the current variant, because aesthetically it is relatively difficult to differentiate them. Practically we have to play “find the seven differences”.

The Renault Capture has been one of the crossovers sold over the last few years in our market and also one of the first crossovers to urban, with the Nissan Juke. If we take the view of 2016, we find that the mark of the diamond marketed, in Europe, over 215,000 units, making it the king of the B-segment-SUV (or crossover from B-segment) at a european level and also in Spain. In addition, we must mention that it is produced for all over the world in the plant of Renault in Valladolid.

Renault Captur 2017

Already playing the seven differences, we see that the Renault Capture can receive two new colors to the body as are the Orange Atacama desert and the Blue Ocean, and a new color for the ceiling in the finishes duotone as is the Platinum Grey. We are also with six configurations available for the interior in function of the shades, and three packs external. In this way, the new Renault Capture is more customizable than its predecessor.

on the other hand, we see that the front has been redesigned. We find, according to versions with headlight full LED and daytime running lights in the shape of a “C” in the lower part of the bumper, plus a new grille and protections in the low to bring a touch more adventurous in his image. If we go to the rear of the body we can observe that this firm light also appears in the pilot, as the protections lower.

Renault Captur 2017

The Renault Capture has four models of tires, two at 16 inches and two at 17. In conclusion, the crossover from Renault incorporates, optionally, a panoramic sunroof configuration available duotones and adding more light and feeling of space in the passenger compartment; although the negative side is that it is fixed and cannot be opened.

Renault Capture
From 15.380 euro