The Renault Clio R. S. 16 of 275 CV, you might get to the dealers, but at what price?

we Knew that Renault Sport was preparing something big. Something very fat. And the result not only met the expectations that we had of the French, but even surpassed them, by far. The Renault Clio most powerful of the story, you says fast. The Renault Clio R. S. 16 we are presented with 275 HP, the engine of the Renault Mégane R. S. Trophy-R (see bottom of the Renault Clio R. S. 16). Renault created one of the Clio’s most impressive and spectacular that we have ever seen, and perhaps the most effective in-circuit, dressed with their best clothes and took him to the Monaco Grand Prix to celebrate his return – as a team – the Formula 1 and the 40th anniversary of the sports section of Renault. But the million dollar question remains the following, what will arrive at dealers?

Yes, it will come.

From Pistonheads telling us these days that Renault had not put all the meat on the grill, all of their resources to create this Renault Clio R. S. 16, without having in mind his release. The initial idea was precisely that. Renault wanted to create a version of the sport Clio, sold in limited series, as were those fantastic Clio V6.

The issue is that, having come to the point in which all are asking the same question, Renault still maintains the uncertainty, and making numbers, to consider their release. Although it seems that the odds of that arrive at the dealerships are high. The problem, the big problem is how to arrive at the dealers.


No, it will not come.

The big problem in a product of these features is the cost that can mean a Renault Clio R. S. 16, in the comparison odious to the rest of the range Clio R. S., and in the comparison even more odious to the latest version with sports and radicals of the Renault Mégane R. S.

From Pistonheads were talking about a price of around 45,000 euros in France. That would be a world of the Renault Clio R. S. (available in France from 26.050€), far above the Renault Mégane R. S. (from 32.450€) and all figures similar to that was the Renault Mégane R. S. Trophy-R.

we Insist that, with what we have been told Renault this Clio R. S. 16 may be one of the machines of street sports and fast that they have created. A piece for lovers of sensations, for those looking for a machine very radical, and even for those who want a vehicle almost entirely from the collector, though probably without the charm, and resale prices crazy, the old Clio V6.

Perhaps the only pity is that, that Renault Sport has not taken the opportunity to do something really incredible, as is to transform a Renault Clio in a sporty two-seater and mid-engine.