The Renault Clio RS Trophy 220 mark times of record at the Nürburgring

wars of times at the Nürburgring will not cease. The circuit raises their speed limits immediately, and everything will return to its channel. Some cars have already taken the opportunity to set new records, before the winter fill of snow the circuit and turn on the “Hell’s White”. Has been the magazine auto, motor und sport – a prestigious German publication – and its tester Christian Gebhardt who has helped the Renault Clio RS Trophy 220 to establish a new record for sport utility front-wheel-drive.

Clio RS Trophy has a gearbox EDC dobleembrague, more rapid than that of a RS conventional.

Your time has been nothing less that 8 minutes and 23 seconds. An impressive time, taking into account that the Clio RS conventional with 20 HP less, and a tune-up, more conventional – that is 36 seconds slower in a lap around the Ring. Renault again snatches a record and is placed in the first position of the segment B. Possibly triggering a war for the best of times as we live in the compact segment, which faced hard by SEAT, Renault and Honda, declaring himself the winner of the last.


The first position of the segment of the Renault Clio RS Trophy puts 12 seconds of advantage with respect to the new MINI John Cooper Works, which despite having a larger engine and powerful, it is slower than the French. The Opel Corsa OPC is placed in a third position distanced, with a time of 8:40. The fine tuning of the Renault Clio RS Trophy differs considerably from that of the RS conventional. Your 1.6 engine Tec has 220 HP, gear box dual clutch is faster and the suspension has been revised for better cornering.

This record stood the youngest of the Renault to a level prestacional superior to a Porsche Cayman S.

The result seems to jump to the view, in light of this record, carried out by a magazine, not the manufacturer itself. The German magazine does not go into the details of the record and time not brings video to prove it, by saying that in the next number of the paper will give the details. It will be then that we will know if the car was completely standard. We understand that yes, but in the two images you supplied seems to have some wheels different, which could suggest a tire different to the composite series.

we Hope to soon have more official details about this record.

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