The Renault Clio RS updates its image, and is inspired by its bigger brother, the RS 16

just a few weeks Ago that was premiered on the facelift of the Renault Clio. The utility best-selling Renault suffered an update aesthetic light, accompanied by new mechanical options and enhanced connectivity, as well as a luxurious version Initiale Paris. Now is your sports version – Renault Clio RS – that updates your image, and what does drawing in the Renault Clio RS 16, the bestial monster of 275 HP Renault was presented to us at the last GP of Monaco. Let’s see what’s new.

Although there are no new developments at the mechanistic level, there are on an aesthetic level, and its connectivity has improved considerably.

In the first place, the Renault Clio RS boasts a few new front LEDs. Located in the bumpers, mimicking the checkered flag of a race. It is a detail really nice, which produces a firm light until now unique in the segment. What functions have these front LEDs with the shape of a flag? According to the press release from Renault, regroup the functions of a fog lamp, lighting the inside of the curves, position lights and projector beam headlights, improving the night lighting.

renault-clio-rs-2017-3Other details to keep in mind are new wheel designs multirradio, with 18 inch diameter. The side skirts have been redesigned, and the car continues counting with a spoiler on the rear, as well as a body kit in that its two rear exhausts are the protagonists. Level of connectivity, the Renault Clio RS evolves app R. S. Monitor, which is integrated in the infotainment system R-Link, which enables the registration and consultation of telemetry data after our sessions of riding.

The Renault Clio RS are still only available with a gearbox double clutch and six relations.

of course, enjoy a selector driving modes named R. S. Drive and it continues to offer three chassis different. The chassis Sport is standard on the RS version of access – equipped with a 1.6 engine Tec 200 HP – and the chassis Cup is optional, with a tune-up, more rigid, more focused on good sportsmanship. It is still available a fast version Trophy the Clio RS, with 220 HP of power, a change of double clutch faster and a suspension lowered.


Source: Renault