The Renault Coupe Corbusier pays homage to the swiss architect

Le Corbusier was a swiss architect nationalized French. To commemorate 50 years of his disappearance, Renault has created a prototype which he named Coupe Corbusier, which is displayed at Villa Savoie, in France.

Renault-coupe-corbusierRenault presented the first images of a prototype created to pay homage to the swiss architect naturalized French Le Corbusier, who died 50 years ago. The French brand says that the Renault Coupe Corbusier not has no relationship with any future project, but that on the contrary it is a conceptual work created as a tribute to him, at the same time which allows you to explore new formats.

rat of a sleek coupe with a long bonnet, bulging wheel arches and a glazed surface small. geometric shapes of straight lines giving shape to the front grille and other parts of the body. Have not been provided with data about their dimensions, as well as your powerplant.

Renault describes it as a car for the 21st century based on the principles and theories of modernist architect Le Corbusier, with a pleasant aesthetic, elegance and geometric domain of the light. At the same time the French brand ensures that the design team is proud to be able to to pay tribute to the visionary who reinvented architecture and made them more accessible to the public.

The prototype is on display in the Villa Savoie, an art nouveau villa located on the outskirts of Paris, which is in itself an icon of modernity. Originally designed as a holiday home, is currently considered as the paradigm of International Architecture.

Centre des Monuments Nationaux, is a governmental agency French manages and maintains historic buildings that are the property of the State. This agency is celebrating 50 years since the death of Le Corbusier and exposes cars in Villa Savoie, under the slogan ‘a Car for life: the automobile and modernism in the 20th and 21st centuries’

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