The Renault Fluence GT Line debuted in Brazil

Debuts in the Brazilian market a variant of the Fluence sporting aspect called GT Line. Maintains the same engine of 143 hp, but gains a similar Fluence GT appearance.


Renault-Fluence-GT-Line-1 R enault spread images and official information of the new Fluence GT Line. It is a new trim level sedan, which incorporates and aesthetic-elements Fluence GT, while maintaining its mechanical properties unchanged.

This is based on the finish Dynamique, which is the most equipped of the range and like always the case with GT Line, sportsmanship just lay on the intentions, as his mechanics remains unchanged, that is equipped with the same 2.0-liter 16v produces 143 horses when running on ethanol.

The propellant is host to a transmission automatic X-Tronic CVT type, which simulates the operation of a 6-speed automatic transmission.


The GT Line adds sporty image, but keeps the engine of 143 hp.

Aesthetically, the Fluence GT Line is what distinguishes the new aero package that includes new bumpers, front air intakes larger and rear diffuser and new air vents grill painted in black color, a discreet rear spoiler and alloy wheels 17-inch specific format.

The interior won black leather upholstery with red stitching, aluminum pedals coated and some details in red. Among its standard equipment automatic climate control, electrically assisted steering system of information and entertainment with 7-inch screen, built-in browser and backup camera, rain sensor, Intelligent Key, power sunroof, front airbags are and sides, ABS brakes , cruise control and digital speedometer.

At the moment, the Renault Fluence GT Line , which is produced in Argentina, is offered only in Brazil, but his arrival in other markets in the region is not excluded. The only colors available for this variant of sporty looks are Glacier White, the Black and the Red Nacre Fuego.



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