The Renault Fluence GT Phase II will be one of the attractions of Buenos Aires Salon


After the arrival of the facelift of Renault Fluence to South America, had disappeared from the regional catalog its sportier variant GT. The Phase II the more sports sedan version will debut in the Hall of Buenos Aires .


Renault Fluence GT Fase II E mong the news that Renault will be there leading the Motor Show in Buenos Aires is one of the issues behind Arrival facelift sedan presented in the regional market had disappeared. This is the Fluence GT, the variant with performance and sporty look sedan produced in Argentina.

The Renault Fluence GT prepares his return to the Motor Show in Buenos Aires.

The aesthetic renewal of Fluent debuted in Europe in 2013, but it was not until late last year that restyling premiered in South America.

Among the features Phase II are a new optical focus groups with elliptical headlamps, new grille and bumper redesigned, with fog lamps renewed and LED daytime running lights .

The diamond emblem moved its location from the hood to the center of the grid gaining prominence com and being in tune current brand image. These features will be present in the GT version, which will also feature alloy wheels 17 inches of specific format, and subtle aerodynamic attachments that give a more sporty character.

Under the hood is expected to engine TCe Turbo to block 2.0 liters , and a power that should provide 190 horsepower , in tune with the products currently offered in Europe with the same mechanical configuration. While no official confirmation, the transmission should be manual six relationships.

With this set, although with 10 horses least Fluence GT could accelerate from 0 to 100km / h in 8 seconds and reach a top speed of 220 Km / h, for so some slight improvements are expected in this regard.





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