The Renault Fluence GT2 debuted at the Buenos Aires


is the sportiest sedan variant Fluence now comes in Phase II with the new name GT2 . The power of its engine 2.0L increased to 190 horses force.


Renault-Fluence-GT2-1 E mong the news that Renault led the Motor Show in Buenos Aires are not only unpublished Oroch and Sandero RS , but also the renewal of visual Fluence GT. For Phase II diamond house adopted the name GT2, offering a front that is in tune with the rest of the model range.

The Fluence GT2 is the performance based variant, as in previous editions, comes with a simple aesthetic. The main features of this facelift are related to its front, which premiered a few new headlights with elliptical focal projector and a new grille, bumpers redesigned, new fog lamps and daytime running lights LED .

The Renault Fluence GT2 is now offered with 190 horses.

On the other hand emblem Renault large in the center of the grill, it is in line with the rest of the Renault family. The rest is almost similar to the previous GT, including front spoiler, which in this case is even more discreet and some alloy wheels specific format for this release. Another of his innovations are related to the incorporation of improved equipment, and which now includes named RS Monitor , which provides information about the vehicle, such as Current power, turbo pressure and G forces, among others.

There are also developments on the side of his mechanics, and that while maintaining the drive mime TCe Turbo with 4-cylinder block 2.0L new management allowed its power to stretch 190 horsepower .

The engine is mated to a manual six relations and that configuration can accelerate from 0-100 mph in eight seconds while achieved reach 220 km / h speed maximum.






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