The Renault Group is associated with Oktal in order to develop the ‘vehicle of the future’

Renault Coupé C Concept

Renault Coupe C Concept.

Renault Group still closing agreements with those who continue to develop and investigate new technologies related to the future of mobility. A future that passes through several concepts: electric, connected, and autonomous. The latest agreement signed by the group automobile French comes from the hand of Oktal, a subsidiary of Sogeclair, the French company of aeronautical engineering and simulation with base in Toulouse.

Both companies have signed the creation of a “joint-venture” (joint venture), which shall be called “Simulation of the autonomous vehicle” (AVS) and that the Renault Group will own 35%. With this acquisition by Renault and the Renault-Nissan Alliance may be made with a set of technologies to foster the development of the testing of autonomous vehicles in a virtual environment.

Gaspar Gascon, Director of Product Engineering for the Renault Group, has commented that “this acquisition reinforces the strategy of the Renault Group to develop the vehicle of the future. We are proud to work with Oktal to create AVS. This partnership will allow us to develop new services and improve user experience of our customers”.

Renault TreZor Concept

Renault TreZor Concept.

For its part, the joint-venture formed between Oktal and Renault Group will also benefit Renault-Nissan, which not long ago began a partnership with Transdev for the creation of a system of fleet control of autonomous vehicles. The so-called “Alliance” is committed to launch more than 10 cars with benefits of autonomous vehicle of face to the year 2020. A date that is just around the corner.

Renault-Nissan have already started the trials in environments with autonomous vehicles in virtual environments by making use of simulation technology SCANeRTM, invented by Renault and developed in collaboration with Oktal. Laurent Salanqueda, ceo of Oktal, commented that “thanks to the investments of Renault, we can accelerate the development of new functions of Scanner Studio dedicated to the autonomous vehicle and connected”.

In the race for get a car with driving technology 100% independent production and accessible, without a doubt, the main rival to that faced by Renault-Nissan is the PSA Group. Other manufacturers of first level as a Volvo or Ford seem to be much more advanced with respect to the Renault Group. In the case of the american brand, they have set the year 2021 as the arrival of its first autonomous car production.