The Renault Kadjar is here, and we’ve tried. It is never too late if that is good

We were waiting as rain in May that came Kadjar Renault dealerships. Renault also imagine that. While his rivals, and especially his sister Nissan, did big business with fashion crossovers Renault were with your product, the Koleos, he could not, nor had known that captivate client who had decided to sit in a car one or two feet above the compact or sedan driving so far. Renault needed to react with immediacy. Your Mégane and Scénic were selling well, the Laguna was beginning to feel the infirmities of age and the decline of the sedan, but a quick glance was enough to picture the European market to realize that without crossover competitive (see article What is a crossover?), Renault was ceding too much ground to rivals. The answer is here. Kadjar Renault is called and we have proved . [1.99901 million]

The message of the communication team Renault is very direct. The French brand has pioneered the philosophy of merging segments, and to innovate with styles of car unpublished at the time. Known even today, sometimes with occasional loud another failure. Renault dared to launch a minivan with three doors and philosophy coupe (Avantime), converted to high-end sedan in a compact (Vel Satis) and now want the Espace is a crossover. [1.99901 million]

Unfortunately for them Renault Kadjar late, comes as almost all manufacturers have crossover , or SUV with a focus very road in its catalog, in a position that occupy the Koleos never knew. In any case, do not the slightest doubt that this Kadjar could well become one of the best selling models in its class. Which further reinforces our theory that Renault should have launched earlier, much earlier.


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Why it failed to captivate the customer and the Koleos will Kadjar itself?

For better and for worse, the Renault Kadjar is another in a market with “overbooking” of crossovers. And that’s good for Renault, because with a good commercial and advertising strategy, your muscle enough to place it among the best sellers in its class.

Although the Renault Koleos was born with a vocation’s jacket, and did not surrender to the demand for SUVs that are not designed for the field, but the road and the city concept Koleos and Kadjar was not as different . The Koleos age accused in his later years, but even in his younger years, coinciding with the years of madness crossover , the maelstrom of Nissan Qashqai Koleos sales were still a mess and even began to abandon some European markets such as the UK, for its poor sales. In those years the Qashqai had managed to position itself as one of the best selling models in the islands.

This jacket perception Koleos appreciated details that today are very rare as your tailgate divided into two parts, with a lower section that pivoted downwards and a rear window that could open upward (see picture). [1.99901 million]

Renault Kadjar, however, has opted for the road and the halo mainstream . Think that shares many components (about 60%) with the Nissan Qashqai. Components which in most cases are not visible.


Renault Kadjar XMOD 2015 : A “crossover” with the potential to leave the asphalt

You enough out to make sure the Renault Kadjar of these images, which we tested, is not a basic Kadjar “peeled”. We started driving a Renault Kadjar [1.99902 million] XMOD . It is the jacket version, in concept and in practice. Yet you can take it with two-wheel drive and dCi 110 engine [1.99902 million] CV (manual and automatic). We have tasted dCi engine with 130 hp and 4 × 4. The [1.99902 million] XMOD is priced above € 900 Intensity and that everyone decides if their aesthetic improvements are significant enough to opt for this model (see prices Renault range and Kadjar). [1.99901 million]


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Honestly I think a good alternative, as is well-equipped (recognition of signs warning of involuntary change lanes, automated lights and wipers, etc.) and is very pintón (17 “wheels defenses more jackets with silver inserts , etc.).

renault-kadjar-prueba-mdm-09-1440px These are 17 “wheels that equipped the Renault Kadjar we tried. [1.99901 million]

renault-kadjar-prueba-mdm-13-1440px Although we live in a world of clones, where silhouette SUV is very similar Renault Kadjar has details of personality, as the front grille , with which probably is the largest diamond ever seen in a Renault that may have lead. The full headlights LED are optional (Look Premium package) even in the top model, the Zen. [1.99901 million]

renault-kadjar-prueba-mdm-05-1440px Or design of the rear lights . Although a high percentage of this Kadjar parts are shared with his brother Qashqai, we must recognize that the Kadjar has managed to distinguish good. [1.99901 million]

renault-kadjar-prueba-mdm-25-1440px Printouts are aboard an environment with acceptable level of quality and design . The improvement over Koleos has been really important, which still continue placing Kadjar at the point that would demand any SUV modern. It would place virtually on par with the new Qashqai, though again only appear in some details, such as climate control buttons, set of mirrors or windows. Renault ensures that even the seats are designed by themselves.

renault-kadjar-prueba-mdm-24-1440px The steering wheel is comfortable and simple, with a distribution of buttons accessible and discreet. It is the same we had seen in Renault Espace. [1.99901 million]

renault-kadjar-prueba-mdm-22-1440px Dominating a touch screen 7 “for entertainment and navigation equipment . This screen is optional across the range, except for the top of Zen range.

renault-kadjar-prueba-mdm-18-1440px Another interesting detail is given in the Instrumentation , fully digital and prepared, for example, to inform us of issues of concern, such as traffic signals or torque distribution traction to all four wheels.


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As we are testing a version of driving all four wheels and package [1.99902 million] XMOD , we have this switch that allows us force the front wheel drive, maintaining automatic distribution (which is what habitual) or forcing the differential lock to distribute wheelbase 50% . We could try for some roads that did not represent any problem for this car, we did not even get to touch low in some major bumps, which I think some crossover might have come to play with them. In any case, the differential lock only serves to leave very slippery slopes, snow, mud, dirt, sand, etc., and only remains active up to 40 km / h. From this speed, Kadjar automatically manages the distribution between axles, and if necessary, could eventually split the pair up to 50%. [1.99901 million]

Even front-wheel drive versions, this switch is kept to access Extended functions Grip managing different modes of traction control to suit the terrain.

renault-kadjar-prueba-mdm-20-1440px This is the key / remote control again Kadjar . Standard across the range except in the Life finish.

renault-kadjar-prueba-mdm-21-1440px And his boot button, that as electric parking brake is standard across the range .


Renault Kadjar 2015 thoroughly: 7 questions and answers about the French “Qashqai”

Remember the Kadjar Renault dCi engine is available with 110 [1.99902 million] CV (manual and automatic [1.99902 million] EDC ), dCi 130 [1.99902 million] CV (4 × 2 and 4 × 4 ) and TCe 130 hp. We chose the dCi 130 . Although the soundproofing of the cabin is acceptable, and Renault has greatly improved insulation and refinement of its engines, the dCi 1.598 cm3 still not at a high level in terms of sound and vibration, although not think it’s a huge flaw . This engine, unlike dCi 110 employs distribution chain.

For power, acceleration and recoveries may prove one poor both . It is fast enough, of course, but in a situation such as overtaking or additions, we would like empujase more energy. It is also true that, according pesos in running order, the four-wheel drive means increasing the weight over 100 kilograms compared to 130 dCi FWD. For that reason it is important to analyze the pros and cons of choosing front-wheel drive or four-wheel, especially when you consider that a XMOD with M + S tires and front wheel drive is already well shoes face many sliding tracks, including snow and muddy.

renault-koleos-kadjar-1440px The fact that the arrival of Renault Kadjar has been accompanied by the disappearance of the Spanish Renault Koleos range, and that they – apparently – two vehicles are cut from the same pattern does not mean it will replace Kadjar Koleos . In fact reminds us that Renault have kept that letter to introduce, probably next year an SUV to be located above the Kadjar and likely will respond to the name of Koleos.

Do not go very far, in the coming days I will continue talking about this new Renault Kadjar.

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