The Renault Kayou was hunted in Europe, where it is believed will be sold as Dacia


The Renault Kayou was photographed while performing in dailies Europe. presumably will market it in this market under the brand Dacia. [1.99901 million]


Renault Kayou E l Renault Kayou have its world premiere on 20 May, but it is unclear if it will be presented as an hatchback compact SUV or a small, but if you know that will be the most economical product of the French firm , with which replaced some older models still in production in some markets.

The Dacia wheel Kayou and Europe.

will be manufactured in India and although initially thought to be destined only emerging markets , this week has been photographing filming in Germany , so those tests Filming on European territory could mean that also come to Europe to be sold under the Dacia brand. [1.99901 million]

This may finally be the now famous Dacia of 5,000 euros, of which much has been said in recent years and finally never failed to materialize as a model of production. [1.99901 million ]

The Kayou is built on the modular platform CPM-A and use a small three-cylinder engine and 800 cc engine, which will be associated with a manual gearbox or a 4-speed automatic. [1.99901 million]

The charge of publicizing this new product to the world will Carlos Ghosn within a few days more.

Renault Kayou





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