The Renault Koleos 2016 reinvents itself, standing above the Renault Kadjar

Finally, there has been no great surprises. What you see is the first image of the new Renault Koleos 2016. The new SUV Renault rescues a name known by everyone, the Renault Koleos. Recall that this model was marketed until the arrival of the Renault Kadjar, a todocamino compact with a length very close to that of the Koleos, so that, although we were aware that the Kadjar was not exactly his successor, inexorably, this model was called to be in the position that one day occupied the Koleos. And the reinvention of the Renault Koleos comes in the form of a large SUV, with the appearance that is seen in these photographs, with an international vocation, and with a great ambition, especially in markets like China.

we are Not surprised therefore that the place chosen for your presentation has been the living Room of Beijing. The new Renault Koleos 2016 will be a great SUV to be sold all over the world, but especially important to the interests of Renault in China, where Renault has just opened a factory, specifically in Wuhan, together with her partner in the country, Dongfeng. Renault ensures that in this year 2016 will be launched a total of 10 different models, in the different international markets.

And what more shall we know of the new Renault Koleos?

Recall that Valladolid is pending of a new industrial plan, which would include the award of a new model, what will be the Renault Koleos?

the presentation of The Renault Koleos will take place next Monday, and when we can offer more images, and more data about this model. Carlos Ghosn will provide more details from the Hall of Beijing, details as important as knowing what factories are responsible for its production. Remember that Renault Spain has been in talks with the workers of Valladolid and has signed an agreement of competitiveness with which the factory of valladolid aspires to the award of a new model.

According to Renault, we are in a SUV that wants to differentiate itself by its design, a refined interior, and comfortable, and for a good habitability. Nothing new under the sun.

The reality that meets the eye in these photographs is that we are looking at an SUV generously sized, yet clearly differentiating the Renault Kadjar rescues the key aesthetic of the brand already seen on new M├ęgane, and Talisman.

In the next few days I will provide more details…

Source: Renault
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