The Renault Kwid arrives in India from 3,500 €

India became the first market to receive the new Renault Kwid, a product for emerging markets, which in that country and is sold from 3,500 €


Renault-Kwid-1 E l Renault Kwid debuted its format production last May and from this week whether it is available for sale in India with a base price that starts at the equivalent of € 3500 , which promises to transform it into a best seller in this market.

The range of the new Renault Kwid to India is made up of four versions of finish called STD, RXE, RXL and RXT , with an entry price of 256.968 rupees , just under 3,500 euros at current rates.

To put the price in context and consider the expectations that produces its launch in the Indian market, the most accessible Renault marketed product in that market so far was the Renault Pulse, based on the old Micra, which has a starting price of 503.996 rupees , that is the equivalent of about 6,800 euros, or almost twice the cost of the new Kwid , you can like it or not, but it is a completely new product.


With a price equivalent to 3,500 euros, the Kwid aspires to become a sales success.

course for 3,500 euros, Renault delivery Kwid a good basic configuration, with unpainted bumpers, fog lights and no air conditioning, no stereo, no automatic lighting for the passenger compartment even glove, because instead there is just a hole uncovered. Those who want a more complete equipment must think about the CXR finish, the top model that includes power steering, air conditioning, fog lights, raised front electric windows, keyless entry, system information and entertainment that you can include an integrated driver airbag browser, among others.

also offered a number of accessories to customize elements of the exterior and interior . Among them are finished in chrome headlights, grille, door handles and even wheels.

Under the hood the only option available is an engine with block 3-cylinder 800 cm3 , combined with a manual gearbox 5-speed. The propellant delivery 54 horsepower and 72 Nm of torque .

The Kwid can already be reserved in India, although his delivery is scheduled as of October . But India it is just the beginning, as the model will soon conquer other markets, starting with Iran a market that is undergoing a period of expansion. Later will come to South America and will be produced in Brazil as a replacement for veteran Renault Clio still remains in production. However no plans to bring it to Europe , even under the Dacia brand, and this may deteriorate involving sales of Sandero.



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