The Renault Kwid comes back to crash on the evidence of Global NCAP

Renault KWIDluckily for us, the customers, the security of new vehicles each day is more controlled. Thanks to organisms independent as Euro NCAP in Europe, NHTSA in the united States and the Global NCAP in Latin america and other areas brands offer products with a level of security appropriate. However, there are still differences between the vehicles and the markets in which it is put on sale.

This has happened to Renault with your Kwid. The small utility of the signature of the rhombus has been developed and designed thinking only in the markets emerging. The reason is simple, certain markets such as India or Brazil are very important for the volume of sales that account but they are not for the wealth that have their inhabitants. For this reason the brands of cars design ex-profeso certain models for these markets, and tailored in such a way that they leave important elements out.

Renault KWIDThese elements tend to fall back on aspects related to security active and passive of their cars. Global NCAP examined a few weeks ago, a couple of units of the Kwid which is on sale in the India. When the tests were done car the conclusion was resounding; the model of Renault failed to get nor a single star. The reason is simple, in the version most basic, the Kwid is not mounted nor airbags making it a coffin with wheels.

After this dismal result Renault jumped to the fore to indicate that they would do profound changes in the structure of the vehicle as well as to introduce elements of safety such as airbags to improve the safety of the car. Once you have made the changes relevant Renault stated that the Kwid complies fully with the regulations security of the India.

however, these changes did not have a great improvement in the security of the small urban as in these days of Global NCAP has turned to repeat the crash tests. On this occasion, the model has only managed to achieve a star of the five possible, and started from the scratch so that your security remains very poor.

This situation is also not new, since a couple of days ago Honda cracked Mobilio in the same crash tests. Therefore, we believe that brands should think that customers are equal in all the world, and not according to the areas where they sell their cars.

Source – Global NCAP